Brace For The Beginning Of The Hurricane Season

Brace For The Beginning Of The Hurricane Season

The six-month hurricane season starts on June 1, and casinos along the Gulf Coast are readying in Mississippi and Louisiana. Hurricanes hit casinos in both countries last year casino online Singapore. Allen Godfrey, Mississippi Gaming Commission Executive Officer, said monitored possible landfall and damage hurricanes. “As it gets closer and we get a clearer understanding of it, the regulator (the commission) will begin to communicate with operators about possible actions,” he said. If the decision to close the casino in fact is taken, the operators begin to delete employers.

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When casinos reopen, Godfrey added, commissioners visit every property to decide if they did anything in line with the opening list. 26 commercial casinos are based in Mississippi. The Gulf Coast is covered by twelve. In the Biloxi region, eight are on the coast Live casino online Singapore. Lt. Robert Fontenot of the Louisiana State Police, next door to Mississippi, told the Gaming Enforcement Division is now coordinating with riparian casinos to make sure the arrangements are made.

The Year of Devastation

Last year in Lake Charles, South Louisiana was clobbered when just six weeks apart rumbled alongside two deadly Hurricanes, Laura and Delta. In August, during Hurricane Laura, an unoccupied riverboat casino on the Capri Island at Charles Lake came unmoored and hit a bridge. The casino will open again next year During the big storms on the Gulf Coast last year, several other casinos were destroyed. In Louisiana and Mississippi, several other casinos are shut down as heavy hurricanes flow to the coast.

The fast moving Zeta hurricane struck New Orleans in October and swamped casinos along the Gulf Coast of Mississippi to the eastern side of the city.

The record number of storms on the Gulf Coast last year has affected the casino industry economically. The storm had an effect of up to 5 million dollars on a business headquartered in Nevada, Josh Hirsberg, Chief Financial Officer of Boyd Gaming said. Boyd Gaming has five Louisiana properties and two Mississippi properties.

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An estimated five of these storms will be major hurricanes this year. The Atlantic Ocean has recently been the cause of tropical storm Ana. This is the seventh consecutive year in which, according to CNN, at least one storm formed before the official June beginning of the hurricane season. Ana shouldn’t touch the USA. According to CBS News, scientists of Colorado State University claim that one reason this uptick in storms is that the Atlantic’s colder than the normal water supplies fuel to tumultuous air.

Fury of Zeta

The hurry; On Wednesday around 4:30 p.m., Zeta roared off the Gulf of Mexico near Cocodrie, a coastal town in Louisia south of New Orleans. With winds of over 100 mi/h, the Category 2 storm ran swiftly across the Crescent City before heading east into Mississippi. From there, his remains travelled to the Mid Atlantic countries via northern Georgia.

Hurricane Zeta was at least responsible for five deaths in the area. By Thursday evening more than two thousand homes and businesses were powerless from Southeast Louisiana to Atlanta.